Emergency Claims



Serious claims can occur at any time. Our commitment to claims excellence means that you can be assured of round-the-clock service when an emergency occurs. Our team understands how important it is for you to have your claim dealt with promptly and professionally so you can focus on your business.

Following the proper steps when a claim occurs may also help minimize the loss and save you time and money.

Claims Reporting Procedures

  1. Incident Occurs. Contact appropriate emergency authority immediately if required
  2. During business hours contact us immediately at (204) 729-4949 or dial toll free (866) 277-4949
  3. Outside of business hours contact our Emergency Claims Line at (866) 358-5571 


Important Numbers

Ambulance/Fire/Police - 911

Auto Claims (MPI):




Property Tips

  1. Act as you usually would to protect property and minimize damage
  2. Contact a restoration company directly if immediate assistance is required
  3. Do not dispose of damaged/salvaged property
  4. Collect information to verify the value of damaged property
  5. Collect information to verify the value of damaged property
  6. For water losses, turn off the water source
  7. Obtain estimates for repair or replacement
  8. For glass claims contact a glass repair company
  9. Take photos of the damages




Liability Tips

  1. Report any incident involving injury to others or damage to their property immediately, even if it seems unlikely to become a claim
  2. Comfort the victim
  3. Eliminate the hazardous situation
  4. If required, call for medical assistance
  5. Obtain names and contact information of witnesses and include them in the claim or incident report
  6. Do not enter into correspondence with claimants or their representatives




General Tips

  1. Be pro-active and minimize the extent of any loss
  2. Never admit liability for any accident
  3. When speaking to emergency personnel obtain names, phone numbers and report numbers
  4. Complete the claim or incident report (link below) at the earliest opportunity while details of the event are fresh in your mind
  5. Fax or Email the report to Guild Insurance Brokers and HMS Insurance immediately
  6. Where practical, take photo/video evidence of the accident scene