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Autopac - Manitoba Auto Insurance

Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies are agents for Manitoba Public Insurance. We are located in a few different communities in Manitoba – Brandon, Carberry, Virden, Shilo and Wawanesa. Autopac is a public auto insurance plan available to all Manitoba residents. We are here to help you navigate through your auto insurance needs. We are a full-service brokerage when you need to license your vehicle, renew your driver’s licence, Off-Road Vehicle or Commercial Trailer, we have you covered.



Autopac is a Manitoba Public Insurance product that covers you & damage to your vehicle in a claim situation. As a non-profit Crown Corporation, Manitoba Public Insurance has provided basic auto insurance coverage in Manitoba since 1971. Auto insurance in Manitoba is mandatory. MPI requires you to purchase the basic auto insurance coverage for your vehicle. Basic Autopac is the minimum amount of coverage required to have your vehicle on the road. We provide Autopac coverage for all Manitobans with conveniently located offices throughout southwestern Manitoba.


Basic Autopac Insurance includes:

  • $70,000 Maximum Insured Value – Effective Apr 1/2021
  • $750 Deductible –  All-Perils Coverage – Effective Apri 1/2021
  • $500,000 Third Party Liability – Effective Apr 1/2021
  • Personal Injury Protection Plan


Maximum Insured Value

Including taxes, $70,000 is the most any truck, motorcycle, car, moped, motorhome, trailer, snow vehicle or bus is insured for under Basic Autopac. If you have a vehicle that is worth more than $70,000, including taxes you’ll need Excess Value Coverage to cover the amount over the $70,000 limit.


Basic All-Perils Coverage

Included in your auto insurance policy is basic all-perils coverage. Any accidental damage or loss to your MPI registered vehicle in Canada or U.S is covered. You will need to pay for any depreciation and the deductible. Autopac coverage pays for the rest.

Coverage Included:

  • “Upset” (your vehicle rolls over or tips)
  • Collision
  • Other causes such as vandalism, theft, hail and fire (comprehensive is the insurance term)


Third-Party Liability

If your MPI registered vehicle injures someone or damages property anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A third party liability coverage is provided for claims made against you. Basic third party liability insures you to up to $500,000 for claims others make against you.


Personal Injury Protection Plan

Autopac also provides a personal injury protection plan for injury or death caused by an automobile accident. The Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) is based on four principles.

  • Coverage is provided to all Manitoba residents injured in automobile accidents anywhere in Canada or the U.S
  • With a few limits or restrictions, compensation focuses on specific economic losses from auto injuries or death.
  • Regardless of who was at fault in the accident, compensation is guaranteed for all injured people.
  • To reflect changing economic conditions, most benefits are indexed to the Consumer Price Index


If your MPI registered vehicle injures someone or damages property anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A third-party liability Autopac coverage is provided for claims made against you. Included in your basic Autopac coverage is any accidental damage or loss to your MPI registered vehicle. Autopac also provides personal protection for injury or death caused by an automobile accident.


Optional Auto Insurance Extension Coverages

Although your basic Autopac auto insurance coverage protects you and your vehicle we highly recommend that you consider increasing some of the optional extension coverages listed below:

  • Increase your third party liability limit to $1million, $2million, $5million, $7million or $10million
  • Decrease your deductible to $500, $300, $200 standard or $200 plus
  • Increased Maximum Insured Value (MIV) on vehicles valued over $70,000, purchase the Excess Value Coverage
  • Purchase Auto Loss of Use coverage to cover a daily allowance towards alternate transportation
  • Protect your investment in your new vehicle by purchasing New/Leased Car Protection
  • Insure your vehicle while in storage
  • Purchase insurance for rental cars in Canada or the U.S.A
  • Purchase collision, comprehensive, third party liability and accident benefits coverage for your snowmobile or off-road vehicle

Auto Insurance Online Tools

  • Bill of Sale

  • Statement of Gift

  • Exclusive Use Agreement

  • Letter of Authorization

  • Drivers License Authorization Form

  • Declaration of Guarantor for Proof of Identity

  • Driver Education Registration Form

  • Application for RST Refund - Motor Vehicle

  • Application for RST Refund - Off Road Vehicle

  • Enhanced Identification Card Manual

  • What to do if in an Accident

  • Got Toys Off Road Insurance Program

What will my car insurance premium be?


Your auto insurance premium is based on a few factors.

  • Your driving record – If you maintain a safe driving record for a number of years you will get a discount on your Autopac premiums.
  • Where you live – The risk of you having a claim depends in part on if you live in an urban area or rural.
  • Vehicle use – If you use your vehicle to drive to work and back daily will have an impact on your premium.
  • Vehicle type – your vehicle’s year make and model affects your premium. Repair costs, protection features and vehicle characteristics


What is No-Fault Auto Insurance?

As of March 1, 1994, Manitoban’s have had what is called “no-fault” auto insurance called Autopac provided by Manitoba Public Insurance. The common myth around no-fault insurance is that no one is at fault, but this is not so. Instead what it means is that regardless of fault, every Manitoban injured (including death) by an automobile accident in Canada or the United States shall receive compensation from their insurance company. This type of auto insurance is designed to provide benefits and treatment to injured victims quickly by reducing the delays experienced within the legal system.

Autopac Insurance Online Tools

  • Auto Quote

  • Insuring a Vehicle

  • Drivers Licensing Information

  • Autopac Policy Guide

  • Claims Information

  • Collector Vehicle Program

  • Special Risk Extension

  • Autopac Drivers Handbook


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