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SMI Auto Insurance

Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies are agents for SMI or Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance. We are located in Brandon and a few different communities in Manitoba – Carberry, Virden, Shilo and Wawanesa. SMI offers private auto extensions as an option to increase your current MPI Coverage, which is available to all Manitoba residents. We are here to offer you competitive rates for reduced deductible, increased third party liability and an extensive auto loss of use coverage that fits your lifestyle.


What Does Basic MPI Autopac Insurance include?

    • $50,000 Maximum Insured Value
    • $500 Deductible –  All-Perils Coverage
    • $200,000 Third Party Liability
    • Personal Injury Protection Plan


What is SMI Auto Extension?

In Manitoba basic auto insurance coverage is mandatory through MPI, there are no options available to you. That’s where we come in and offer you choice when it comes to optional auto coverages available. We offer SMI auto extension which provides optional auto coverages to you at a reduced price and an increase in coverage. SMI auto extension coverages include a lower deductible, auto loss of use, increased third party liability and rental car coverage.  


SMI Auto Extension Options

We highly recommend that you consider purchasing SMI auto extension coverages listed below:

    • Increase your third party liability limit to $1million, $2million, $5million
    • Decrease your deductible to $300, $200 or $100
    • Increased Maximum Insured Value (MIV) on vehicles valued over $50,000, purchase the Excess Value Coverage
    • Purchase Auto Loss of Use coverage to guarantee replacement transportation in the event of a loss
    • Protect your investment in your new vehicle by purchasing New/Leased Car Protection
    • Insure your vehicle while in storage
    • Purchase insurance for rental cars in Canada or the U.S.A
    • Purchase collision, comprehensive, third party liability and accident benefits coverage for your snowmobile or off-road vehicle

SMI Coverage Highlights

    1. Lower Deductible – The lowest deductible available through MPI is $100, if you’re looking for a $50 comprehensive deductible SMI has this option availble for you.
    2. Rental Car Insurance Include – With an SMI policy rental car insurance is automatically included. This coverage provides up to 90 days on any rental vehicle and is included year round. Although MPI provides short term rental vehicle policies, you need to remember to buy it every time you rent a vehicle. With SMI even if you rent a vehicle once a year you’re are still ahead of the game. Not only are you saving the time and money purchasing a one off policy, you don’t even need to notify SMI that you are renting a vehicle. No longer will you be standing at the rental car company checkin counter worrying about the rental car insurance you forget to buy. Your SMI third party and deductible policy limits will be transferred to your rental.
    3. Automatic Layup Coverage – This is an extremeley important coverage if you plate your vehicle seasonally. With an SMI policy you are provided with full coverage while your vehicle is on lay up, including liability and collision. The most convenient part of having automatic layup coverage is that there is no responsibiltiy on you to advise SMI or your broker when the vehicle is laid up.


Our team of insurance professionals are always here to help find the right insurance for you. Send us an email, check out “The Blog”, or give us a call to chat with one of our professionals.