Business Insurance Products

Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies can meet virtually any insurance need for any company, regardless of size. But it goes beyond that. We have dedicated advisors and risk management teams that actively work on each client’s behalf to ensure competitive rates and fair resolutions. For more on our service, select one of the business insurance solutions below.

An insurance professional can be an enormous asset to your business. You know how important a good accountant or attorney can be and choosing your insurance broker should be equally important.

Our approach is built to uncover your needs not to just tell you what you need. Protecting your business and your people is our obsession and we have tailored our systems to discovering the unique risks you face.

Any broker can place your business in the insurance market, but are they taking the time to find out what your risks are? Are they informing you of emerging risks and teaching you things you weren’t aware of? We do.

From our industry niches in Railroad Insurance and Home Medical Equipment Retailers Insurance, to our expertise in Construction Insurance, Oil and Gas Insurance and Manufacturing Insurance, to the Restaurant Insurance industry, to Realty and Non-profit risks, to Retail store fronts and many more, our teams can design a plan for your business Insurance.

Solutions For You

Business Insurance Coverages


Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability is the most basic type of insurance, but you can’t afford to take a cookie cutter approach. A single loophole can mean the difference between business as usual and bankruptcy. Guild/HMS’s experience and knowledge help assess risk for each client and select the appropriate policies and coverage limits. Our expertise also helps us get our clients extraordinary value from our carriers.


Commercial Property

For many companies, the greatest assets on their books are their buildings, offices or factories and what’s inside them. A fire or burst water main can utterly destroy these vital assets. But it doesn’t have to destroy the company, too.

Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies works with clients to achieve an appropriate coverage limit based on property value in the event of a catastrophic event. In fact, we have the knowledge to advise you on avoiding catastrophe altogether.


Professional Liability

Mistakes happen. And although we can’t always predict when they’ll happen, Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies can predict the kind of mistakes that will happen and protect you when they do.

In addition to professional liability coverage, Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies can provide guidance on the inclusion of liability coverage for employment practices, employee benefits and directors and officers liability. These typically inexpensive additions to standard liability coverage provide deeper protection of company and personal assets, and in some cases, can even help cover legal fees.


Risk Management

Business owners often lament the cost of insurance and assume there’s nothing they can do to keep those costs under control. That’s simply not true. Most carriers offer discounts to responsible business owners with proven track records of effective risk management and exposure mitigation.

Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies looks for these cost-saving opportunities and presents them to clients. In fact, we have an entire team dedicated to helping clients reduce risk and financial exposure through work safety plans, Return to Work programs, quality control measures, Internet security protocols and much more. We help clients get incredible value from our carriers. Risk management plays a significant role in making that happen.


Umbrella Excess Coverage

Businesses often purchase liability protection above and beyond their primary automobile, general liability, professional liability or workers’ compensation policies. That’s where umbrella policies come in to protect. These policies can cover exclusions in primary policies. But we never think you should buy more coverage than you need, so Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies works with clients to assess any additional areas of need and determine appropriate coverage levels. We then make recommendations based on a client’s overall insurance program and risk factors. We make sure our clients are properly insured, not over-insured.


Commercial Auto

Conducting business in Manitoba often requires a fair amount of windshield time. We know, because we do a fair amount of it ourselves. We also know that the more time spent in the car, equals more distance covered, which means the greater the chance of an accident.

Our brokers work with fleets of all sizes to determine the appropriate coverage levels for the vehicles and for the employees who drive them. We’ll help you secure fleet discounts and develop best practices that promote safety and cost savings.


Cyber Liability

The online world continues to change for better and for worse. The negative site of today’s online world is hacker’s desire to get their hands on your private information for their gain.


Our team of insurance professionals are always here to help find the right insurance for you. Send us an email, check out “The Blog”, or give us a call to chat with one of our professionals.