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Hospitality Insurance

The hospitality industry is all about comfort. Getting the right hospitality insurance for your needs to protect you and your business is our priority.

These days, it is not just about insuring your building and contents.

There are a number of different liability risks that the owners of hospitality businesses have to face. With sufficient liability insurance, it is possible to maintain the financial stability of your business. Some of the liability coverage options that are available with most hotel, motel, restaurant and bar insurance policies include:


Cyber Liability

If your company computers and data management system becomes breached, criminals may have access to the personal information of your customers. In such cases, you will be liable for offering credit protection services and you could even be faced with some harsh penalties. This type of liability insurance will protect you against any losses related to the Internet.


Employment Practices Liability

With this type of liability insurance, you will be protected from losses that are related to lawsuits that are brought against your hospitality business by disgruntled employees.


Food-borne Illness Liability

Restaurants, room service or a bar that serves food is at risk of serving food that is contaminated with salmonella, E. coli or a number of other impurities. With this type of liability coverage, you will have the financial support that you need to pay for the related medical bills, punitive damages and clean up expenses.


General Liability

This type of coverage will protect your hospitality business from property damage or injuries that guests sustain while on your business property.


Liquor Liability

Hospitality and liquor seem to go hand in hand. Whether you have a hotel that offers alcoholic beverages with room services or at the hotel bar, if your restaurant serves drinks or if you own a full-fledged bar, you will need this type of liability. You will be protected against any injuries or property damage caused by an intoxicated guest or customer.


Premises Pollution Liability

If your business is contaminated by mold spores or any other type of airborne pollutant that could cause illness, you could find yourself facing liability claims. This type of coverage will help with punitive damages, clean up and medical expenses.


All businesses in the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, motels and hotels encounter many risks that may result in financial hardship or even bankruptcy. It is important to be prepared for any situation. High profile lawsuits plague the hospitality industry every year. Make sure you are protected with the right hotel insurance or motel insurance policy.

In addition to liability coverage, a hospitality business owner should consider including the following insurance types in your hotel, bar, restaurant or motel insurance policy:

  • Property Insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
  • DAS Legal Protection Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Insurance
  • Umbrella Coverage

Hospitality insurance is specific business insurance that is customized to meet the unique needs of the industry. Guild Insurance Brokers & HMS Insurance Agencies can help build a policy that is appropriate to meet the coverage requirements of your business.


Our team of insurance professionals are always here to help find the right insurance for you. Send us an email, check out “The Blog”, or give us a call to chat with one of our professionals.