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Make Your Money Stretch With DIY Yoga Instructor Insurance
February 11, 2020
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April 2, 2020
COVID-19 Messaging From Insurers

COVID-19 Messaging From Insurers


The unprecedented spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Canada and around the world has, understandably, raised concerns for you and your family. At Guild/HMS, the well-being of our clients, our employees and each of your families is a significant concern for us. As such, safety will be our main priority as this situation continues to evolve. If you are a Guild/HMS client and your renewal or payment is coming up and you have some concerns please contact us 204-729-4949.

Manitoba Public Insurance

NEW  Autopac Transactions can be done by phone or email 

MPI has advised that we are able to transact the following transactions by phone or email to assist limiting in-person interactions.  Clients can call or email to have any of the following Autopac transactions completed: 

    • New registration and policy applications 
    • Renewal of a driver’s licence 
    • Reapplication of a lapsed driver’s  
    • Licence Manual reassessment of an active or Lapsed driver’s licence 
    • Driver’s licence Replacement 
    • Basic ID card replacement (no information changes) 
    • Vehicle insurance coverage renewal, reassessment, reactivation, reapplication 
    • Transfer Plate/sticker/registration certificate replacement 
    • Payments
    • Cancellations
    • Change of Address


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re donating $100,000 to food banks in Canada and the United States, providing support to the communities where we live and work.

Wawanesa anticipates that they will be waiving all NSF fees until further notice. They anticipate they will do so until at least May 25, 2020. They will make every attempt to avoid policy cancellations for non-payment of insurance premiums until further notice. They anticipate that this will be until at least May 25, 2020. I

The Declaration of Emergency Endorsement extends the termination or expiry date of a Personal Property or Commercial policy when a Canadian public authority declares an “emergency”. This coverage is now available to our policyholders if their policy is not renewed by the expiry date or they have a
claim in the period.

    • The policy period will be automatically extended, or the effective date of the cancellation will be suspended until the “emergency” is over plus the lesser of:
    • 30 days; or
    • the total number of days the “emergency” order was in effect;
    • subject to a maximum of 120 consecutive days.

Peace Hills

We are leveraging the technology available to us to allow many of our staff to work from home and ask that you be patient while we navigate these unprecedented and challenging times. However, please rest-assured that Peace Hills remains committed not just to providing exceptional service to our customers and brokers, but also holds a genuine concern for your health and safety.

Peace Hills understands that these may be financially challenging times for many customers. Please contact Guild/HMS if you have concerns about upcoming payments due to the current economic circumstances related to COVID-19.

Red River Mutual

A State of Emergency declaration will trigger the Declaration of Emergency Endorsement contained within the General Terms and Conditions of all Red River Mutual policies. When a State of Emergency is declared, the statutory conditions surrounding the time limitations on termination of a policy by the insurer are suspended. This means that Red River Mutual will not initiate cancellation on any policy in force, on any line of business, until the emergency declaration is lifted, plus 30 days or the number of days equal to the total time the emergency order was in effect, whichever is less. Also, if the policy is set to expire, it will continue in force until the emergency is terminated, plus 30 days or the number of days that the emergency was in effect, whichever is less. In no event shall the total term of this extension regarding cancelled or expired policies exceed 120 consecutive days.

We understand that you may have concerns about the potential implications COVID-19 may have on you or your business and how your insurance policy would respond. For specific questions about policies, we are asking customers to contact their insurance broker directly for assistance.

Payment Flexibility – Any non-payment on existing accounts will be addressed on a case-by-case basis with careful consideration being made to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19.

Site visits for claims: We are taking extra measures to ensure the health and comfort of our customers and employees, including restricting in-person interactions, postponing claims site visits by 14 days to allow anyone who has traveled outside of the province to self-quarantine following federal and provincial health recommendations, and using pre-screening questions to evaluate the necessity of immediate site visits. Our goal is for our claims team to continue working within the comfort levels of both our policyholders and employees.

Portage Mutual

Portage Mutual understands the situation is evolving rapidly and that customers may need clarification about their account. They want to be as flexible as possible to help alleviate worries during such a precarious time. They have agreed to support broker partners and customers by implementing the following directives:

    • Temporarily suspending NSF fees
    • Temporarily suspending policy terminations for non-payment or premium
    • Working with customers who are currently facing policy termination in order to defer payments, as appropriate
    • Encouraging customers that have issues contact their broker


Our Declaration of Emergency Endorsement is in effect across Canada. This means that there will be no cancellation of policies for SGI CANADA personal lines and commercial property policyholders, if their policy expires during the emergency situation or due to non-payments during the emergency situation, for a period of up to 30 days past the end of the emergency situation. However, in no event will the extension be more than 120 days in total, following the expiry or termination. If you have any questions about the extension of these policies, please contact your underwriter.


Aviva fully supports government directions and advice on reducing the risk of COVID-19, and recognizes that the closure of businesses and other measures has created a lot of uncertainty for customers. To help with that, they are:

    • Temporarily suspending policy terminations for non-payment of premium
    • Temporarily suspending NSF fees
    • Working with customers who are currently facing policy termination in order to defer payments, as appropriate


We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Our priority remains your well-being and safety. As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will help alleviate the pressure by providing case-by-case solutions including flexible payment options. Please contact our broker. They will work with you to find a solution.


Your main point of contact is your insurance broker who is willing to help you in any way they can. Your broker’s contact information is available on our website and on your insurance policy documents. If your broker’s office is currently closed to the public, they may be available by phone and email.

We realize this situation continues to change rapidly and personal financial difficulty over the coming months may be a concern for many of our policyholders. To help ease these concerns, we are taking several measures to ensure your payment options are as flexible as possible during this time.

    • If you usually pay your premium in full at renewal but may be unable to do so this year, please contact your insurance broker who will help you choose a more flexible payment option.
    • We are working with your broker to make every attempt to avoid policy cancellations for nonpayment of insurance premiums. If you receive a notice of cancellation, please contact your insurance broker to work on finding a solution to keep your policy in force.