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Events Insurance

Why Do I need Events Insurance?

Accidents happen.  As a host for a special event, you are exposed to certain risks that you need to protect yourself against.  An Events Insurance Liability policy is designed to protect these risks.



Event Planners should be aware of the many risks associated with special events including:


Injury Risks:

Employees, volunteers and attendees may be injured during the event.  High-risk activities include alcohol service, fireworks, children’s rides and games, etc.


Reputation Risks:

If situations are not handled well, an organization’s reputation may be damaged.


Financial Risks:

Events usually require a large amount of funding and any sort of cancellation can become a huge financial risk. An example of this would be if a vendor you hired for your event goes out of business prior to your event or if the event itself was cancelled unexpectedly. Making sure you have the proper Event Insurance in place will give you the piece of mind you need to focus your energies on planning the event.


Legal Liability:

As an occupier of the premise you and your organization are responsible for the safety of your attendees.  Extra precautions must be taken if alcohol is served, children/minors are in attendance, gambling is involved, large crowds are in attendance or dangerous/hazardous activities are taking place such as fireworks, boating and different sporting events.

What Kind of Events Need Insurance?

  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Antique Shows
  • Outdoor Social Gatherings
  • Golf Tournaments and/or Hole In One
  • Parades
  • Music Festivals
  • Rodeos & Roping Events
  • Craft Fairs
  • Conventions
  • Sporting Events

How Much Does Event Insurance Cost?

There are a couple of different factors that come into play that will determine the cost of Event Insurance. The Event Type, the length of the event, the coverage limits you require and the number of attendees just to name a few. The good news is we have DIY Events Insurance for you to purchase online, just click “Buy Now” fill out the information and we will get a policy out to you right away.

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