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If you’re looking for Winnipeg house insurance, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you just renewed your home insurance, or your buying your first house in Winnipeg, knowing what kind of house insurance you need can be difficult.

Your Winnipeg home and its contents are probably your most valuable possessions. Can you afford to replace them? Not many of us could. House insurance is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make to cover the posessions you care about.

We have access to a number of Winnipeg home insurance companies who have a variety of house insurance products that are competitive within Winnipeg Manitoba.

Our team of insurance brokers will assist you in evaluating your Winnipeg home insurance quote and help tailor your policy so that you have the protection you need. Our Insurance Brokers provide exceptional customer service throughout the insurance process. We want you to understand what your Winnipeg house insurance covers and help you enjoy your insurance buying process. Just like clothing, one size fits all doesn’t always work for everyone.

Winnipeg home insurance policies come with coverages that can be customized to meet your unique needs. Winnipeg house insurance typically covers your dwelling, personal property, fences and landscaping, detached structures and personal liability.  

Unfortunately, Winnipeg home insurance claims happen. We will be by your side throughout the entire claims process and make sure you are looked after when you need us the most. 

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What You Need To Know About Winnipeg Manitoba

Winnipeg is the largest city and capital of the province of Manitoba and the seventh largest city in Canada. Representing 54.9% of the provinces population, which is considered the highest populated city of any province in Canada. The center of Winnipeg is the intersection of the Assiniboine and Red rivers, now known as “The Forks”, right near the longitudinal centre of North America.

The city name comes from the Western Cree words for muddy water and was named after the nearby Lake Winnipeg. Winnipeg is a transportation and railway hub known as the “Gateway to the West”, with a diversified economy.

Officially there are 236 neighbourhoods within Winnipeg. Winnipeg’s economic core and financial heartbeat is centered on the intersection of Portage and Main. One of the city’s fastest growing neighbourhoods, it covers about 1 square mile. Over 40,000 students attend classes at colleges and universities and more than 72,000 people work downtown. The Exchange District which is located within Winnipeg’s Downtown is named after the area’s original grain exchange.


Internationally Winnipeg, Manitoba is known as the home of the Winnipeg Jets, the city’s NHL Team, but nationally it has also long been appreciated for it’s outstanding cultral and arts scene. Informally known as “Peggers”, Winnipeg residents enjoy a very active cultural life, with everything from ballet and drama to opera and concerts on offer. Below are a few of the top-rated attractions & things to do in Winnipeg.

  • The Forks – set in a number of historic buildings, where the Assiniboine and Red Rivers join, is an entertainment and shopping district.
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights – one of Winnipeg’s state-of-the-art landmarks, reflecting human rights in Canada and around the world.
  • Assiniboine Park and Zoo – Winnipeg’s oldest park, the Assiniboine Park & Zoo features 445 hectares of mature trees & grassy lawns with a wide variety of animals including a number of polar bears.
  • Winnipeg Jets Hockey – Bell/MTS place is one of the most exciting arenas in the NHL and Winnipeg Jets fans are always a great bunch to spend a night with.
  • Festival du Voyageur – one of the most popular winter festivals in Winnipeg, which takes place every February. The festival includes events and entertainment for adults and children, with activities in French and English.
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers – the 2019 CFL Grey Cup champions play out of the newly built IG Field in Winnipeg. The Bombers have a very popular and dedicated following in Manitoba, you’re always going to have a fun night out at IG Field.
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery – shaped like a bow of a ship, the Winnipeg Art Gallery sits on 25,000 pieces spread across collections of contemporary and classic art by Canadian, European, American and Inuit artists.
  • Winnipeg Folk Fest – for four days in July at Bird’s Hill Park about a 45 minute drive from Winnipeg you can take in the savouring sweet sounds of blues, folk, bluegrass and world of music.
  • Folklorama – every August, Winnipeg plays host to Folklorama, the worlds longest-running and largest multicultural festival. The two-week celebration showcases the distinctive dance, food, music and art of dozens of countries around the world in pavilions scattered throughout Winnipeg.
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes – every Summer the Winnipeg Goldeyes professional baseball team provides some excellent entertainment at Shaw Park just steps away from the Forks and Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

What determines the cost of home insurance in Winnipeg?

Your Winnipeg home insurance premium will reflect on the cost to reconstruct your home in the event of a complete loss. There are several different factors that play into the price of your Winnipeg house insurance policy. Generally, the factors behind the cost are:

  • Your Personal Property Limit
  • The Neighborhood You Live In
  • Your Past Insurance History
  • The Broker Providing The Quotes
  • The Construction Of The Dwelling
  • The Age Of The Dwelling

Winnipeg House Insurance Coverages

The largest asset you own is probably your house. It is really important that you properly protect it. When you go through our Winnipeg house insurance quote online we will help you determine an estimated rebuilding cost and provide you with alternative coverages and quotes. 

A Winnipeg home insurance policy is made up of coverages for your home that will help pay to replace your belongings if they are stolen or damaged by specific perils and repair or reconstruct your home in the event of a loss or damage. When your reviewing your Winnipeg homeowners insurance policy, Guaranteed Replacement Cost is important to have, so that in the event of a total loss you receive full replacement cost.

A typical Winnipeg house insurance policy covers personal property, including personal items owned by you or family members who live with you and general contents of your home. Ensuring you have replacement cost coverage for your personal property is also important as this ensures you receive full cost to replace items that were damaged in the even of a loss.

The definition of “Peril” is the exposure to the risk of being injured, lost or destroyed.  When it comes to Winnipeg house insurance coverage, common all perils cover would include:

  • Fire & Smoke
  • Lightning strikes
  • Windstorms and hail
  • Explosion
  • Electrical Current
  • Damage from aircraft, car or vehicle
  • Theft
  • Falling objects

Winnipeg House Insurance Policy Types

There are two different types of home insurance policies: comprehensive and broad-form. Coverage options will depend on where you live (whether it’s a condo, house, seasonal property or mobile home). If you are renting a property that would be covered under your tenants insruance.

Comprehensive policies provide all risk coverage on both your contents and home. Your contents coverage would also include accidental loss or damage under a comprehensive policy. Broad policies provides named perils coverage for your contents and all risk coverage for your home. The named perils coverage for your contents means accidental loss or damage caused to your contents would not be covered under a broad policy.

Personal Liability Protection

A conventional Winnipeg home insurance policy will include $1 million personal liability protection coverage. We always recommend a minimum of $2 million or more, and usually, the cost to increase that coverage is minimal.

Personal Liability coverage protects you against lawsuits for property damage or bodily injury that you cause to other people.  It can also come in handy for damages caused by your pets. Personal Liability protection pays for costs of defending you in court, up to the limit listed on your policy.


Additional Available Coverage

There are additional coverages available for your Winnipeg house insurance policy such as overland water, sewer back up, service line coverager, water damage, additional floaters (for items such as jewellery, collectables, and other high-value items), and increased liability limits. Ask us about what additional insurance coverages would ensure you and your family are protected.

Personal Property

Start looking around your bath, kitchen, storage rooms, bedrooms, garage or rec room.  Your list will likely increase pretty quickly! In the event of damage or loss, a home inventory checklist or video can be invaluable. Your Winnipeg house insurance company will ask you to present the claims specialist with a complete inventory of the property that was destroyed or damaged.

After you have completed your home inventory checklist or video be sure to keep it in a digital format that can be obtained outside your house. If you send it over to your Insurance Broker at Guild/HMS Insurance we will keep it on file for future reference. To download your home inventory checklist Click here. Or view this video on how to Create a Home Inventory Checklist

Flood Coverage, Water Damage & Sewer Backup

If you’re anxious about the spring season and the potential of flooding in the area you live, flood coverage, water damage or sewer backup should be on your list of questions for your broker. Our brokers can work together with you to assess what type of additional coverages you may need. Having the proper insurance coverage can help you stop worrying about the implications of rising water levels and get you back to enjoying your view!

Additional Living Expenses

If your living space is damaged from a loss and cannot be occupied, additional living expense coverage will cover the cost of an alternative living arrangements. Other costs such as meals to help get you back on your feet is also an additional living expense benefit.

Policy Deductibles

Before your home insurance policy responds to a claim you will need to pay your policy deductible. For example, if your $5,000 TV was stolend and the claim you make is subject to a $1,000 deductible, you would pay $1,000 and your policy will cover the remaining cost to replace the TV. If you select a higher deductible, your Winnipeg home insurance policy premium will be lower.

How Much Does Winnipeg Home Insurance Cost?


Your Winnipeg home insurance premium will reflect on the cost to reconstruct your home in the event of a complete loss. This includes the cost to replace contents, additional living expenses, outbuilding coverage and of course the cost to rebuild your home. Be sure to inform your insurance broker if you have a smoke detector system, newly built home, burglar alarm/fire or if you are mortgage-free.

Some Winnipeg house insurance companies offer different discounts that can be applied to your insurance premium. There are several different factors that play into the price of your Winnipeg home insurance policy. Generally, the factors behind the cost are:

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