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November 29, 2018
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July 8, 2019
The Guild/HMS Accessibility Policy

Guild/HMS Accessibility Policy

Our Accessibility Policy

The intent of this policy is to outline Guild/HMS Insurance Group’s commitment to the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service as legislated by the government of Manitoba under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (the Act). Guild/HMS Insurance Group is determined to accommodate the needs of all customers, regardless of ability. We are committed to treating all people in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence and are focused on identifying, removing and preventing barriers.



Accessible Customer Service – Accessible customer service is provided when all persons who are reasonably expected to seek to obtain, use, or benefit from a good or service have the same opportunity to obtain, use, or benefit from the good or service.



Barrier-Free Access to Goods and Services

Guild/HMS Insurance Group will establish and implement practices, procedures and policies in order to provide barrier-free access to goods and services. When creating these policies, Guild/HMS Insurance Group will:

· Determine the current barriers customers face when attempting to access goods or services

· Seek to remove all identified barriers

· Identify procedures to ensure that where barriers cannot be removed, alternate means for accessing goods or services will be provided

· Address adequate means for preventing the creation of any new barriers

Guild/HMS Insurance Group will:

· Train employees on policies related to the removal of barriers for persons with disabilities

· Ensure that all employment practices uphold the principles of reasonable accommodation as defined in The Human Rights Code of Manitoba

· Ensure that all individuals are provided with access to our services and employment opportunities

· Accommodate support persons

· Welcome service animals in all areas where customers are generally allowed



Guild/HMS Insurance Group will:

· Ensure that information regarding the feedback process is easily available and provided to the public

· Provide documents in alternative formats (where possible) and ensure public awareness of available alternative formats



When communicating with, or providing information to, an individual who is self-identified as being disabled and constrained by a barrier, Guild/HMS Insurance Group employees will ensure that all communication with the individual is completed in a manner that takes into account the individual’s disability. Where an assisted device is used to remove or reduce a barrier, Guild/HMS Insurance Group will reasonably accommodate the use of said device.



Information and training on how to provide accessible customer service to people disabled by barriers will be provided for all employees of Guild/HMS Insurance Group. Training will include:

· Instruction on how to interact and communicate with persons who are disabled and face barriers

· Instruction on how to interact with persons who are disabled and face barriers who require the help of a service animal or support person and/or the use of an assistive device

· The process and procedures, including the steps to take if a person with a disability is facing a barrier preventing them from accessing a good or service

· The Human Rights Code, the Act and the Customer Service Standard Regulation